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How to Make WordPress Fast


There are basically 3 areas to work on if you want to speed up your WordPress website.

  • Images: Make sure that the images being loaded are appropriately-sized and compressed. On a client website, we typically try to keep page size to under 1 MB, though that even seems like a lot.
  • Plugins: Uninstall as many as you can. Plugin code is not vetted by anyone and could be doing anything. The fewer plugins you have, the less likely it is that they will impact your loading.
  • Hosting: A shared hosting environment is doomed from the beginning. It’s slow, unreliable, and shares network data (IP, bandwidth). Look for managed fast WordPress hosting.

What about caching plugins or a CDN?

They’re great, but they are a band-aid solution that isn’t care-free. While the WordPress caching plugins work well, caching is a tricky computer science problem to solve. The same goes for a CDN.

Our recommendation is to fix the underlying issues. It’ll make your site AND your WP Admin area run quicker. After fixing the issues, feel free to add caching and a CDN.